On December 18, 2013 Judy Ginn Walchuk and Jim Walchuk were inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame. The ceremony was hosted by President, Rob Haynes and past president Elizabeth Ball.  The induction was held in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Vancouver which was the same location where Isy's Supper Club used to stand. (One of Judy's first gigs in Vancouver)
The star seen presented here has been placed in the Star Walk on Vancouver's Granville Street.
Judy Ginn Walchuk and Jim Walchuk inducted in style at Shangri-La hotel Vancouver

Judy Ginn Walchuk & Jim Walchuk are inducted into the 

Turn back the time to the 1960’s when Vancouver had a vibrant supper club and night club scene. “The Cave” and Isy’s Supper Club hosted numerous big name acts from Las Vegas such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Chubby Checker, Della Reese, Bobby Darin, Kenny Rogers, Little Richard and the list goes on and on. The site for the induction was carefully chosen for a special reason as the prestigious Shangri-La hotel Vancouver sits on the original property where Isy’s Supper Club once shone like a beacon of night club entertainment. Judy Ginn Walchuk and Jim Walchuk performed at Isy’s Supper Club many times over the years.

The induction was conducted by BC Entertainment Hall 
of Fame President, Rob Haynes, Past President Elizabeth
 Ball and Vice President Chris Davies. The induction 
followed with a “Mini Concert” given by the inductees.

Judy Ginn, as a young girl began her musical career 
performing on radio, concert stages and television. In the 
1960’s she had her first booking at Isy’s Supper Club and 
that opened the stage door to supper clubs across Canada 
and the USA. She recorded for RCA as well. Her brother 
Jim, in the meantime was studying bass and guitar and 
making a name for himself on the Canadian Jazz scene. 
Both Judy and Jim became an opening act at the Cave 
Supper Club for many “A” list celebrities. Soon, they were
 flown to London and performed at the famous Playboy 
Club, “Talk of the Town, the Hippodrome and they were 
discovered by David Frost who invited them to sing at a 
birthday party for Sir Noel Coward.

In Los Angeles they worked the Playboy Club and 
performed 5 times on the Merv Griffith shows with Joan
 Baez, Buffy St. Marie and Peter and Mary of Peter,
 Paul and Mary.

They joined the Don Ho Show in Hawaii and later toured
 the show to the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Judy and Jim
 returned to Vancouver in 1976 and starred in their own 
nationally broadcast CBC Television musical variety series,
 “The Judy and Jim Show”. Following its second season,
 they lived in Los Angeles to write and produce for many 
well known artists. In the 90’s they returned to Vancouver 
and still remain busy writing jingles, specialty material and 
produce for artists in Canada and the UK. Both Judy and
 Jim still perform live and record with their talented sister 
Marlee Walchuk.

Judy and Jim have always been songwriters first and
 remained true to their art.
Judy Ginn Walchuk & Jim Walchuk on the WALL of FAME at the Hard Rock Cafe and Theatre, formerly known as the Red Robinson Theatre.
Judy Ginn Walchuk & Jim Walchuk with friend and award sponsor, Bill Boden.
With good friend and long time music collaborator, Henri Lorieau.