Singing so people can hear
The Vancouver Province
Jan 30th 2008

Judy Walchuk -- a.k.a. Judy Ginn -- has had a fascinating career ranging from her own TV show in the early '70s with her brother called the Judy & Jim Show to playing L.A. and Vegas show lounges and theatres, appearing on Merv Griffin's chat show and eventually settling down in Venice Beach, Calif.

There she opened a shop where she sold her own elaborately designed lampshades to a celebrity clientele that included Pam Dawber, Goldie Hawn and Henry Mancini. It was nothing for Bette Midler to stop in. But when an aging parent became ill in the latter '80s Walchuk came home to open a new lampshade shop.

Through her entrepreneurial years, she stepped away from performance and, as she says, "Jim and I turned our attention to writing. We were writing shows, writing jazz tunes, jingles and doing a lot of studio work because we had our own studio. But something shifted for me when I wrote my one-woman show about five years ago called In Full Bloom. I wanted to say things from an older woman's point of view. I had to speak from where I was at and in order to do that I had to sing again so people could hear it."

And in the past few years, Walchuk has discovered a latent psychic ability and developed tea-reading skills, something she's traced through her mother and an Irish grandfather. It makes for quite a sweep of abilities from TV hosting to music, writing, lampshade-making to communing with the spirit world.

"I think it's just about being open," says Walchuk. "I'm pretty trusting. As far as creative work goes, if something calls me I go there. It's all creative."

Judy & Jim - London 1970
Judy & Marty Gillan  Banjo Parlour TV Show 
Don Ho Show 1971
Judy & Jim TV Show 1973
Joani Taylor, Michael Vincent, Pat Hervey
with Rolf Harris, London 1969
In Full Bloom Show 2000
Judy & Jim Show rehearsal
Joani Taylor, Michael Vincent, Pat Hervey
with Ricky Mann & Ben Copola 1965
Judy & Jim Show CBC TV
Listen to Judy guest starring on The Bill Kenny Show also featuring guests Marty Gillan,  The Accents & Fraser MacPherson's Orchestra from 1966. Judy starts at 16:50 singing "Stormy Weather/Can't help Loving that Man of Mine"
Judy with Bill Kenny and Marty Gillian 1966
The Tommy Hunter Show
Judy with Georges La Fleche
On the Merv Griffin Show
The Band JUDE at the P.N.E. with sister, Marlee, Henri Lorieau on Keyboard and Dave Kee on drums
Judy & Jim Show at the Vancouver Coliseum
With the Bobby Hales Orchestra
Living in Los Angeles writing and recording
Writing with producer and Grammy Winner, 
Clif Magness 1980's
CD Release show for "Without a Net"
Fromson Art Show with Miles Black and 
Marlee Walchuk 2013
with Lily

The Teen Years
THE JOURNEY in photos
Judy's first band, "The Mo-shuns"